Neapolitan Bridesmaid (nativeofplanetx) wrote in carnabystreet,
Neapolitan Bridesmaid

hwy all

hey all,
my names brenna....and well I stumbled across this community and thought I might join.
alittle about my you know what type of person is joining yout
well Im from WA and Im 15. I been trying to relive the 60's for about a year now
Im a big fan of any thing mod, most of the time Im more into the mod revilal
for early punk is a passion for me, but the orginal mod sence is so lush.
I love clothing. I spend lots of time shopping. I love vintage
I love the smell and every thing. and truth be told so much cheeper
then normale clothing. my clothing style changes daily. One day Im
dressed as a 50's house wife and the next day Im wearing a t-shirt
and DIY skirt.
I love skirts and dresses....I dont really own
nor wear pants. Im also a big fan of pearls!! Love pearls
around the neck. Oh and Im a twiggy fan a Big one!!!!!!

Well I wont bore you with my likeings any longer!
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